So Few Comfortable Places, Lonely Faction’s latest effort, is now on sale.

We strongly recommend you, dear Internet wanderer, to take a moment for yourself and give it a listen.

lfquietchoirsTracklisting :

1. Softens The Blows

2. About a Left-Eyed Photographer

3. A Time Consuming Process

4. God Forsaken Shrine

5. On The Loose

6. Outer Shell

7. In a Low Tone

8. Rise & Shine

9. Les Amours Dures

10. Worried About You

11. High Tide/Low Tide

You can buy it, or listen to it, or listen to it then buy it, or buy it then listen to it, or buy it then listen to it then recommend it to a friend who will listen to it then buy it then… Anyway, click anywhere on this neverending gibberish OR on the picture above, you’ll see what i’m talking about.